Changes as of 26 Sep 2021

Sorry about being MIA for August and most of September. After much brainstorming, changes are coming to this channel, which means changes to the tiers.

Tease Tier ($1)
- Thanks for the support!

Foreplay Tier ($5)
- 99¢ coupons for select titles redeemable at Smashwords
- Access to the super secret, extra naughty post (website link)

S.E.X. Tier ($10)
- All Foreplay Tier perks
- 50% OFF coupons for select novellas redeemable at Smashwords
- 30% OFF coupons for select bundles redeemable at Smashwords

All previous posts have been deleted to make way for this new dynamic.

Why coupons instead of the PDFs like before?
- Tracking. This supplies data for  title and theme popularity informing which themes will get more titles in the future.
- Multiple ebook formats are available at Smashwords, so you can choose which you prefer rather than being limited to PDF.