This months Big'ol post!

Alright so last month I met my goal of doing the initial work for the Three Weeks dialogue scene, which should go public in a week or two. That demo serves as a baseline for all future dialogue.

As a reminder, to keep track of updates more as they happen, check out and follow the public trello board

Back on topic, as I said that demo scene demonstrates for me "Dialogue works the way i expect, I simply need to repeat this process for any future dialogue scenes and expand on it with additional animations. Also i did fix that audio issue, so there should be a build for that soon.


At this point I have "proof" of 3/5 main game functions.  Those are, Character customization, VN style Dialogue Driven Sex, VN style Dialogue with voice acting and lipsync. With this alone i could in theory make a normal VN, branching dialogue and all. But i'm still aiming to take things a bit further and hit two of The Couch's goals. 

The remaining 2 functions is "Daily Event system" and "Sex Sim Gameplay",  are the next major milestones. 

Daily Event System

The Daily Event system will mostly be commissioned, as it's likely going to be a more complex modular system similar to the character customization. EIREXE will be working on that in a compartmentalized way, development on this should start some time this month. 

I don't think I've explained this in detail but think of it as many VN's like Teaching Feeling, or Persona where the game goes by day and has a calendar and events play out by date, but general days have a 'generic' pattern.  This is what will form the foundation of the games structure and will transition the game from the "scene viewer" setup that exists now to a proper game format. 

Sex Sim

I was thinking this month i would start on some initial Sex Sim gameplay... Cause this way development on that moves forward, and I can start on giving you guys a new sex scene and new content to enjoy. I thought i might do a dialogue driven one but part of my issue there i want to wait on some matters with writing to get resolved. And doing everything else i've been slow in that area lol.

Anyway expect the sex sim stuff to function similarly to The Couch, but with a world space UI set up rather than the former menu, though that might be an option too. Thanks to Bolt i feel like i can deliver on this aspect working on it myself. But i still have EIREXE if that fails, but i'm not expecting issues, just me banging my head against a wall for a while. 

I'll do a poll on what position to use probably, my first idea was just repeat The Couch's position somewhat, but i dunno if people want that again even if it's completely different lol.

So more on this soon...

After these two core features have their "Proof" then i can move on to 'content focus'.

There's still some other technical issues like dealing with cum,  but i'm working on that where I can. Part of the issue is a need a proper decal system, and an emission system. I'll likely have some tests done this month.

What about Outfits?

Yeah last month i intended to start on my Tons of Sock campaign but then while working on dialogue system animations i noticed I royally fucked up on Naomi's model... Some how i fucked up her proportions a bit so her legs are too long and certain poses look wrong as a result. This is a huge problem i need to fix, and it also means i'll need to update every animation made so far eventually.

Sock template
But there's a little bit of good news, Blender 2.8 is now out of beta and into release, so i migrated Naomi's project into the new version. Not using it yet though but the migration is complete so i can start using it. The problem with moving to 2.8 is i need to update my rigging asset which breaks the hand animations and some others but adds a ton of benefits. So a lot of this i would have to do eventually anyway... On top of this I was already planning on updating Naomi's model to support more bones per vertex with Unity 2019. So when it comes down to it i'll just be doing all these updates at once among some others like updating Naomi's hair and such. In the end we should be getting a higher quality Naomi model than even currently :D. This also means I can start on some tutorials since part of of that is i wanted them to be up to date...
The above is Naomi in Blender 2.8 with Eevee renderer, expect prettier animation previews!
Once all this is done I can start pushing clothing again, cause at the moment i'm going to have to redo the skinning on everything done so far to fix this problem. I'm already continuing animations anyway, but the thing about that is a proportion change isn't huge, what will happen there is unity will just scale the bones, so the animation will work Naomi will just look like old proportions. I can delay fixing there longer than the clothing. Cause if i make the clothing fit Naomi's current proportions then have to fix it later it's gonna be fucking hell even with my new PC.  So i'm really sorry about delaying here but i'll try to at least do a little something.

I might not do this until next month and focus on the sex sim content only this month. Or if i do anything it will just be a few steps not actual implementation. You'll get updates regardless.

We're making huge strides!

Stuff is looking good!  I'm eager for this to look more like a game rather than a simple scene viewer. And once we get to that point I think i'll start doing version numbers and more of a core road map. Cause at that point everything is functional, where it should be, and simply needs content to fill it. And while there may be little expansions from those 5  core features like I do want to experiment, like for example a mild stat system I want to try, there won't be anything that if lost could cripple the game like before or hold up development.

That's is also when i'll start public builds, before my goal was just the dialogue driven sex sim, and voice acting, but bringing the sex sim should be more solid. And from that point it makes sense to do regular public builds.

Thanks for your support peeps!