I'm keeping this site simple, with only two levels to subscription, but offering inside info like sketches of pages yet to come, requests, world building, and the like! These images are examples a sketch posts I plan to make. You can see my process and get some peeks at what's a head!

Subscribing at the $10 level gets you an inked comic page e-mailed to whatever address you prefer. It will be a page I re-ink, as I like to keep copies of those in my folders :3 I guess I if you like I could also sign and mail it via postal mail (ink only, no color.) I'm even happy to write a little personalized message if that's a thing you like :D One drawing per year (because this offer could snow ball real quick if this site took off.)

Act Six has a lot of important events taking place. Sh*t gets real, and there's going to be some high stakes, and prices to pay. Check out Dark Horse!

Crystal Lotus Chronicles (for the revamp)
Comic Fury (Act 6)