The Repurposing Center (public) 0.4.23(a)

Note 1: My apologies again for the long wait between builds. This time was caused by some complications with the build that really delayed matters. Sorry for the slow-down, and thank you all for your concern/patience ^_^
Note 2: In terms of a sneak peak for what the next build contains, expect to see the rest of the (stage 2) sissy path on the Fem/Sissy Trainer content, and the rest of the full chastity integration. There is also, a new major date with Tilly that springs off her personal quest, a gangbang scene in the Degredationist Brothel, and the options to alter the rate of random encounters. So, if something sounds fun there maybe check it out.
Hey everyone, and welcome to a new public build. This current build is currently at 1,711,034 words, and 2323 passages, so about 35k new words (and a lot of coding/editing). Originally I'd hoped for this build to have a lot more content for the Sissy branch of the Fem/Sissy Trainer, however, there was a need to get a lot of more background work done. That includes me having to revamp the classification system for underwear, and doing a lot of integration for chastity (and diaper chastity). In the process I've ended up bringing a lot of the older content up-to-date with the modern ways I handle things too, which means I'll be able to extend them a lot easier.
In more general terms; there are some new scenes on the Sissy branch of the Fem/Sissy Trainer, a big new date with Tilly, job encounters for the Deg Brothel and the regular Brothel, new food/drink artwork (from That-Guy-Marc), and a lot of fixes and edits. All-in-all, I think this is a pretty nice build ^_^
Recently I've been working on a wiki for the game, which will cover all  sorts of interesting behind-the-scenes information on how the various  gameplay elements work, along with providing quest guides. There is  certainly still work to do on it, but if you need a helping hand, or  just want to check it out, then you can find it on the official website  -> here
The main content is; Fem/Sissy Trainer Sissy (S2) Content, Tilly's Nightclub Date, Chastity Integration, Degredationist Brothel Encounters.
1/ Fem/Sissy Trainer Sissy (S2) Content - Two new narrative encounters have been added to the Sissy branch of the Fem/Sissy Trainer content, and a new underwear checking mechanic which has its own scene. In the first narrative encounter, players will be instructed about what to expect from their new sissy training, along with them receiving a new outfit. In the second encounter, players will be taken panty shopping by Laura, and will be given a choice of underwear to select between (all of which are unique to the Fem/Sissy Trainer content). After the panty shopping trip, Laura will explain that she now expects the player to wear suitable underwear, and will regularly check them to discover if they are following her new rule.
2/ Tilly's Nightclub Date - A new major Tilly date has been added, requiring a relationship score of 65 with Tilly. In this date Tilly will take the player to various bars and nightclubs so they can have fun together, however, her overactive libido goes into overdrive during part of the date. Will the player help her out, or will they let her deal with it herself?
3/ Chastity Integration - Lots of work has been put into making chastity further integrated into the game. At this stage there are many more scenes that mention the player's chastity devices (where it's applicable), and a better scene randomisation system within jobs to stop invalid scenes from occurring (this also applies to the players sexual preference if they have one set). Chastity has now been fully integrated into; Jobs, Training, Dates, Trainer Content, Interrupt Encounters (like the bimbo scenes), and Quests. The only remaining areas of content requiring chastity integration are random encounters and sandbox locations.
4/ Degredationist Brothel Encounters - Two new job encounters have been added to the Deg Brothel, one on each branch, where the player will receive an enema (or a watersports enema on that branch).
Other additions included; There's a new Brothel encounter featuring a tired client who wants to relax and talk, 17 new food/drink images (by That-Guy-Marc), a rework of the the underwear classification system (which will be important going forward), and a lot of fixes and general updates along with the usual addition of new variables.
Change Log:
- Fem/Sissy Trainer Sissy (S2) intro visit - In this narrative encounter on the Sissy branch of the Fem/Sissy Trainer content the player will be informed about what to expect in their Sissy training. They will receive a new sissy themed outfit on this visit.
- Fem/Sissy Trainer Sissy (S2) panty store visit scene start - In this narrative encounter on the Sissy branch of the Fem/Sissy Trainer content the player is dressed up and taken out on a trip to buy them new panties. Players will models lots of underwear for Laura and her friend as they try to figure out which pair they want to keep.
- Fem/Sissy Trainer Sissy (S2) panty store visit choices x5 - During the panty store visit encounter, players will have 5 choices; a cute pair of panties, a slutty pair of panties, a bimbo-ish pair of panties, a boring pair of panties, or to let Laura decide. Laura's opinion of the player will be effected by their choice.
- 5 (technically 4) new Fem/Sissy Trainer unique underwear items - 5 new sets of feminine underwear have been added to the game (no images yet). These panties are for the most part will be unique to the Fem/Sissy Trainer content, with the exception of the new set of white brief panties.
- Fem/Sissy Trainer underwear check scene - Players who have reached the panty shopping encounter on the Sissy (and soon Fem) branch of the Fem/Sissy Trainer content will have a 30% chance each day of being assigned a random panty check. These panty checks will occur at some point when the player is travelling to or from jobs/training/dates. At the moment there is no penalty for failing them, though in the future there will be.
- Tilly pre-date reformat - The pre-date scene code for Tilly (and Davis + Villin) has been reworked to make adding new dates easier.
- Tilly Night-Out pre-scene - In the pre-date scene, Tilly explains her plans to take the player to various nightclubs she enjoys visiting.
- Tilly Night-Out main scene - In the main part of the Tilly date, Tilly will take the player to various nightclubs, trying to make sure they have a great time. However, mid-way through the date her libido issues start flaring up.
- Tilly Night-Out bathroom giving oral scene - Players may select to help Tilly out by performing oral on her in the club's bathroom.
- Tilly Night-Out bathroom ignore scene - Players may also select to not help Tilly out in the bathroom, and instead wait at the bar for her.
- Deg brothel enema scene - In this scene players will receive an enema whilst bound to a gynaecologists chair.
- Deg brothel watersports enema scene - In this scene players will receive a watersports enema whilst bound to a gynaecologists style chair.
- Underwear types reclassified - A wider array of type classifications for underwear now exist, allowing the player to better understand the styles of underwear within the game.
- Job List Chastity - Chastity content for jobs has now been fully implemented, with various scenes now having mentions or alternate versions for players in chastity. This is most notable for first-time encounters at the Gloryhole and Brothel.
- Training List Chastity - Chastity content for training skills has now been fully implemented, with the exhibitionism training also receiving alternate versions for players being Masculinized rather than Feminized.
- Dating Chastity - Chastity content for dating has now been fully implemented.
- Brothel talking encounter - A new encounter for the brothel has been added where a male or female business person will want to rest in the room and chat casually with the player.
- Allie task 2 repetition fix (Thank you Draco)
- Diaper Racing Aurora fix (Thank you Draco)
- Night time trainer check fix (Thank you Draco)
- Wake up fix (Thank you Draco)
- Walking breast enhancement scene fix (Thank you Crizice)
- Allie quest logic fix (Thank you Crizice)
- Fem/Sissy Trainer tea visit partial rewrite (Thank you Crizice)
- Cum milking fix (Thank you rusal703, PBKurisu, & dusty stu)
- Orange & White Sweater fix (Thank you Gremlk)
- Kissing booth sex preference fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- Rachel the hucow renamed (Suggested by Androyu)
- Alice + Jasmine impregnation bug fixed (Thank you rusal703 & chantelle)
- Fem/Sissy transformations fix (Thank you TenishiMatt)
- First page typo fix (Thank you Madeline)
- Morning used diaper swap bug fixed (Thank you BBWolfy)
- Kissing booth text tag fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- Industrial Dairy chastity fix (Thank you Harley)
- Fem/Sissy Trainer morning transformations fix (Thank you PBKurisu)
- Exhib Prost job looping fix (Thank you PBKurisu & Azzy)
- Club B job scene fix (Thank you PBKurisu)
- Morning makeup cost fix (Thank you PBKurisu)
- Riley recognition (Thank you CboyC95)
- Poor kid background description fixed (Thank you AMagicalCampFan2)
- Intro transformation description minor edit (Thank you Sorter)
- Hint/Tips conditions explanations (Suggested by AMagicalCampFan2)
- Felicity typo fix (Thank you Anosse)
- Various typo fixes (Thank you Draco)
- Mari typo fixes (Thank you Crizice)
- Bimbo interrupt encounters fixed (Thank you JuliusTheSlouch & Harley)
- Exhib training bug (Thank you PBKurisu)
- Tea trip dress fix
- Fem/Sissy Trainer scene renaming and reformatting
- Fem/Sissy Trainer underwear check code
- Industrial Dairy chastity checks
- Deg Brothel chastity checks
- Deg Brothel chastity scene rewrites
- Gloryhole chastity checks
- Gloryhole chasity scene rewrites
- Club B chastity checks
- Brothel chastity checks
- Brothel chastity scene rewrites
- Lab Testing chastity scene rewrites
- Exhibitionist trainer scene rewrites
- Davis dates chastity checks
- Villin dates chastity checks
- Tilly dates chastity checks
- Tilly dates chastity scene rewrites
- Exhibitionist Prostitution chastity checks
- Bimbo encounters chastitiy checks
- Assorted chastity checks (in Trainer content and quests)
- 17 new That-Guy-Marc images
- Food/drink images added to game
- Lots of new variables
- A few minor bug fixes.
Hope you have fun :)