Yo, minor update for the RS-90.

Fceux on the RS-90 was running a bit sluggishly so i ended up PGO'ing the whole thing on real hardware this time.

SMB now runs at 60 FPS when overclocked at 456 Mhz and 50 FPS when not overclocked.

Not bad ! (But of course i wish i didn't have to overclock it)

Also, i managed to fix my screen issue on my RS-90 by putting some electrical tape between the Soc & LCD as the LCD was just above it and it would seemingly cause interference.

Display is now sharp instead of being dark with black lines across the screen.

I just thought i would mention this.

I have a huge backlog when it comes to the Arcade Mini, Retrostone and K3S.

Yikes... I should work on that PocketSNES and Joystick support.