Yo guys, sorry i took a pause (like 10 days or so) but i did not sit around and do nothing rest assured. Here's what i did :


The oswan port for the RS-90 that i did would crash on some big games for some reasons.... Also it was a bit sluggish performance wise.

I activated the compiler warnings and ran cppcheck over it and i could only find some minor issues that could in some circumstances cause issues...

Turns out those fixed the bugs on the RS-90.

I also made sure to PGO the emulator so it runs a bit more smoothly than it did. The result is that most games should run okay at 450mhz... and that's a very CPU intensive emulator !

I think i'm happy with the performance but perhaps some more optimizations could be done.


Yes that game again, and the RS-90 port had some issues unfortunately. For example, it could not playback OGG files at all.

Dynamically link the game did fix the issue but i would only find out it was an issue with my toolchain... Oops

So yeah after i fixed my toolchain for the RS-97, OGG playback worked fine and i could play the game just fine. I did have to fix lowercase issues for RetroFW as well...

It's not yet fixed for loading language files unfortunately but it should be an easy fix either way.

I'm planning on a port to the Retrostone, GCW0, Arcade Mini and PAP K3S as well...


This was a small schmup game that i've ported for Useless a while ago...

It's now for RetroFW as well.

As usual, you can grab the packages on my website.