Hopefully Final health update

Hello everyone!,

Thank you again for all those who didn't drop out due to not getting videos (we had more then a few :(). I am hoping this is my final update talking about my health.

First of all please don't blame my doctor for what happened. He is a fantastic guy who saved both my grandmothers life and my mothers. The hematomas were just a fluke because blood thinners had to be used in this kind of surgery. He knew I had slight anemia but didn't think it was enough that this would happen.

Seond the hematomas are officially gone. I had to go to the doctors yesterday and found out the good news...the bad news is I had to get the draining wound made bigger due to the fact there is a colony of bacteria inside it. It wasn't handled properly so they are trying to stop it from becoming a infection or worse...me needing another surgery. As it stands right now im stuck in bed but im slowly allowed to sit up for a few minutes a day. I was told once the wound vaccume (Crazy right?!) arrives i'll be able to sit up at my computer again for a little while each day.

Its still going to be a few weeks of a recovery but im slowly getting there. I do want to admit this situtation hasn't been easy...mentally its put me into a deep depression im trying to climb out of it. 

I thank you for all the support and I do miss making stuff for you guys heck I miss making the comic and the comic strip most of all. I want to once again thank everyone who is sticking around and who will be joining.