Hello guys, so today i released my port of Divi-Dead for the RS-90. Quick recap for those who don't know the game : It's an adult, japanese visual novel game with horror elements that was released in 1998 by C's Ware for Windows and an english translation was later released by Himeya Soft for the US the same year.

If you wonder why i flagged my account as adult only then now you know why.

In the mid-2000s, SoyWiz reverse-engineered the game's file format and made an interpreter for this game. He would then use it to port it to other platforms like the PSP, Dreamcast, Xbox and Web browsers.

It was thanks to these ports that i first heard about the game and when i also found the source code, i wanted to do a port to OpenDingux devices and the likes.

The source code was a huge mess and it came with a lot of utilities that were only mostly useful to translate the game or unpack but not just getting the game to actually run.

Another issue i had was with the RS-90 version : this console has the same screen resolution as the GBA, which is only 240x160. Fortunately, the game engine is somewhat flexible when it comes to drawing text and screen resizing and i was able to find a small font that works well enough even for very long text.

I had to disable video playback though because it would decode them very slowly even after being overclocked. I may introduce RoQ playback at some point for these but not right now besides, they're only used for the logo & opening screen.

Note that the RS-90 does not come with the game given its copyright status : You have to provide it yourself.

Get the OPK here : https://gameblabla.nl/files/ipk/rs90/dividead_rs90.opk

I'm planning ports for the RS-97, Bittboy and Retrostone.