075 - Only True Gamers Will Understand.

Sup, gamer bros.
Welcome to Monday Post #075. Is it weird that I am often looking forward to spending half of my working day on writing and putting together this crap? It's like, "how possibly can I start my week without publishing the Monday Post first?" ^_^

This week
has been very productive so I can't complain on that front :) I spent it mostly doing the writing for the Episode 08. Almost done. Unfortunately "almost done" and "completely done" is not the same thing though :) I'll have to work on the writing some more. Hopefully will be done by Wednesday.

I <3 my Switch.
Like I mentioned before I am done with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I decided to take a break and leave Torna The Golden Country for later. Next on the list was Valkyria Chronicles 4, so that's what I am playing right now. The only other VC game I ever played was the VC2 for PSP. So far I am really enjoying the game. It's not perfect, of course, but I absolutely love the characters and am having a lot of fun following their adventures. Only about 10 hours into the game so far. Also I freaking love Raz ^_^

Safe space
this Monday post is. Grammar my weakness is :) Seriously though, don't let these random (but awesome) screenshots from my favorite Swicth games fool you. I am a super professional and uber serious artist. Here is some proof. Moving on.

Speaking of which,
this week I am sharing that Hermione pic that was deemed unworthy and didn't make the cut. Here is the preview and the high resolution version is in the attachment.

I can't
share all the variations in the public post because you-know-why. So there will be a patrons-only post this week, with a PSD and multiple CGs from the actual game (that I later replaced with the current ones). As you can see it's not a THAT bad. I poured quite a few hours into this one, but I was feeling like crap while working on it, and a week later when I felt much better I looked at it and decided that I can do better. 

With that out of the way,
let's talk about games some more! ^_^ Peach Ball is dropping in two days. As many of you know I am a true man of culture, so naturally I've been looking forward to this one for quite some time. Just thinking about being able to play this family friendly gem in two days makes me all very excited ^^ Thank you, my new true god: NINTENDO.

The work.
I need to at least try to maintain the facade of professionalism here, so let's talk about work some more. It's been 2 week since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. Like I mentioned before this past week was all about the creative writing part of the production. To me personally it's the most emotionally draining process. So I am happy to be almost done with it. Also I would like to say that I am very exited about episode 08 and can't wait to see what you guys will think of it. Coming soon*

Back to talking about games!
Fire Emblem: Three Houses, this freaking game... I've been quietly anticipating the release for a couple of months now. Honestly, everything I hear about this game makes my blood boil with excitement. And now we are only few weeks away from the release! I am gonna romance EVERYONE in this game! Students, teachers, bros! I don't care! Did you already choose the house you will play for? ^^

So I took my IELTS test and all I have to do now is wait for the results to arrive. I just hope it's not lower than my previous score (6.5, many years ago). But I don't know... I wrote some pretty dumb crap during my writing test and said some pretty dumb crap during my speaking test. I mean at the end of my essay on "the usage of DVD-Players against the usage of CD-Players in England": I literally wrote: "Honestly I have no idea what I am talking about here, just trying to go over the 250+ words requirement I guess. Thank you for reading through all this. And sorry about my handwriting". Yeah... There is a slight chance that people at Cambridge have good sense of humor but I wouldn't bet on it. I think my habit to break the forth wall every freaking time I have to write something may have cost me extra point here. Well, we'll see soon enough :)

I think this will do. I know this post was super heavy on my personal feels about games and such but I hope you don't mind me herding out a bit for a change :)

Don't forget
to leave a comment I read all of them and try to reply to all of them. See you next week. Love you all. No homo.