I just would like to say that i finally got my first tip so many thanks to him/her !

Since i'm done with GPSP on the bittboy, i started working on two projects :

  • Snes9x2005 for the Retrostone and possibly the Bittboy/RS-97

I already started working on it but it will require some more work still... I'll need to work 2-3 days fulltime on this to get it done, if not 4.

  • Divi-Dead

This was an old japanese visual novel for PCs. Someone (whom ?) made a recreation of it using SDL and it got ported to platforms like the Dreamcast, PSP, Xbox, PC and even Web browsers ! Unfortunately, the source code was woefully documented and i only managed to get it to work just now. Also the C source code is a mess so it will need some revamp to it, sorry. I'm working on this.

That is all !