Yo, another small update. So i decided to make another minor update to GPSP, the gba emulator, for the Bittboy. It merges steward's code for rumbling, and support for covert art in unscaled mode as well as minor fixes merged from ReGBA. Though i wouldn't expect most games to get fixed...

You can grab it here : https://gameblabla.nl/files/ipk/bittboy/gpsp_gameblabla_v3_rumble_mapping.zip

The source repo is still here : https://github.com/bittboy/gpsp

Someone else also reported a crashing issue on big roms when using Oswan on the RS-90 : It's something i hope i can look into but looks like i'll have to use mmap instead of loading the entire rom in memory. This is not exactly straight forward to add so i'll need to be careful.

That's all for now guys.