Build 19

Windows (64bit, 32bit), Linux, Mac.

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This update features 3 new quests. As always you can load the save named Build19 to access them directly, and we updated the walkthrough here and there:

  • First we have a new quest and scene with Terri, who needs your help to shake off a sticky client at the Velvet Oasis brothel. This is the first quest of an upcoming brothel arc which will involve all the girls there.
  • Then we have some more lore heavy development, with the aftermath of the previous "Bandit Fort" quest.
  • The last quest will have you sink deeper into Kaldea back handed politics. It will play differently depending on who you gave the fort to. There is no lewd reward after this one, beside the usual hidden pinup, since the goal is to advance the main story and setup what is coming next.

We added a bunch of locations in Toreign and Kaldea, as well as new sprites for our characters, some of which will be animated later. Terri received a fresh animated sprite with a nude variant. We plan to do the same thing with all the brothel girls.

We have a lot more things currently in the work, most of which will make it to our next update involving Scylla. Have fun with this one in the meantime.


  • [Patreon] Terri scene with 2 animated CG.
  • [Patreon] Terri quest with 1 pinup.
  • [Patreon] Main quest bandit fort aftermath.
  • [Patreon] More main story progress in Toreign.
  • [Public] Osh'To recruitment quest and scene.
  • 2 new collectible pinups to find.
  • Toreign boat inn location, with two floors.
  • Toreign 3 other new locations.
  • Mage shop location, two floors.
  • Terri animated sprite, including nude version.
  • Terri portrait has more expressions to play with.
  • Uulk dialogue portrait and updated sprite.
  • Admiral Gracer sprite (not animated) and dialogue portrait.
  • Mage sprite (not animated).
  • 4 Lizard Merchant sprites (not animated).
  • 3 nobles animated sprites variants.