So just a quick post but i've seen some people complaining about the lack of Mupen64plus & PPSSPP on my CFW. Why is that you must ask ?

Well, those require 3D acceleration and the mali blobs along with it. You can't use upstream because it doesn't support composite output, which in turns means you can't use the open source drivers. Meaning you're stuck with the proprietary drivers, in turn this means you're stuck with it using glibc.

For some reasons, as of now, the glibc buildroot still refuses to boot no matter what, even on default settings. Building busybox with musl or uclibc works just fine but this means that we can't have 3D acceleration due to that and the above reasons :(.

So what are my plans ? Well since the emulators are all statically linked, this means that we should use glibc shared libraries from RetrOrangepi to run glibc stuff compiled against it.

The only issue is that RetrOrangePi binaries require Xorg to be ran, as their version of SDL2 was built without DirectFB support. (and i'm guessing that 3D acceleration would only work on Xorg with proprietary drivers unless you use the fbdev version)

I'll keep you updated on that but in the meantime, you can still use two sd cards.