Inheritance Progress Report 6/24: A Very Pregnant Progress Report

We're off to an amazing week.  And while today didn't go to plan, there was still a lot of progress made

First, what's already ready for the A30 build:
* Pregnancy! Lets face it, this one is why you're reading right now.  I thought about putting it at the end of the list, but decided to be nice.  Fertility is in place for every NPC in the game, but at present only Anna has content.  Right now, there are about twenty small scenes related to her being pregnant ranging from conception to right before birth.
* Dating.  Only a single date so far, but that will be expanded in the coming weeks and months.  You can now take Anna into town, take her to a somewhat nice meal and an evening stroll in the park before coming home.
*Drinking. You can get Anna drunk.  Her relationship levels and intoxication level affect her behavior and what she's willing to say.  Good relationship and heavily intoxicated might have her telling you things she wouldn't normally.
* Unbroke Misaki.  Apparently I forgot to set a switch and because of that NONE of Misaki's content was working for people who didn't have the cheat menu.  This will unlock that content for EVERYONE.
* Unbroke Rey.  Apparently one of Rey's scenes wasn't appearing properly.  That's been fixed.
* Anna scene 8 had a broken branch.  This branch was fixed and expanded.
* Major rebuild of the code.  In addition to adding the code related to pregnancy, the NPC code was almost completely rebuilt.  Thanks to TME for all the hard work and love he put into this over the last couple of months.
* All together, this amounts to nearly 25k words of content which would make this a decent sized build if nothing more was added.  But there's a LOT more coming.
What's ready to be added:
* Submissions.  I've currently got five submitted scenes that need to be updated to include the new code (I'd coded them, but with the changes made to the code recently I need to redo some of it.)  All together, we're talking about close to another 10k words of content that SHOULD make it into the next build.
* Pregnancy. Yep, more of it!  In addition to everything that's already in the game, I've got another three small scenes spanning an additional  3.4k words of content that just needs to be coded into the game.
* Pool Fun. We've started to create content for the pool on the mansion grounds.  Right now we've only got content where you're sitting near the pool, but we plan to add swimming content too.  As of right now, we've got about 5.3k words of content that just need to be coded in place.
*All together, that's a little shy of another 19k.  I have little doubt that everything above will make it into the game this week meaning that at minimum the next build should be 44k words of new content.

What's coming:
* Submissions.  Two different authors have mentioned they are working on content.  One of those is suggesting that they may be able to produce about another 10k if they finish up the two big scenes they're working on.
* Pool.  While what I've currently got is enough to get everything set up, I actually hope to write a few more scenes for the new pool function.  Right now we've got three core scenes complete and I'm hoping to at least double that.
* Pregnancy. You realize pregnancy made it into all three of these lists?  Makes me as giddy as a virgin on prom night.  I'm excited enough about this new function in the game that there's a very real chance that I'll sneak away from my other responsibilities this week to write a little more for this.
* Art.  I received sample art for two of the three lots I commissioned this month.  Odds are really good I'll see completed art for all of it by the end of the week.  If so, that will make it into the new build as well.
It's important to note, much of the above completed content was written over the last couple of weeks but had not been added to the game because our coder has been working with the code and we didn't want to step on each others' toes.  This week, I've received two of the above mentioned submissions so far, and written about 3k (Give or take) in the last couple of days.

We're shaping up to have a really special build on the 5th!