Big update post on the latest [Experimental] OA "Build 6" Release! Major Progress!! Where things go from here.

I made a ton of progress over the last week or so, and EIREXE a programmer I hired  has expanded the customization system to support states of undress! I'm almost at a point where i feel like focusing on content is viable. 

So without further ado, here's whats in the latest build, Build 6. Reminder; because the goals of this project are a bit fuzzy for now, progress is tracked in build release numbers rather than versions

A reminder you can track these changes real-time by following the public Trello board!

"Build 6" Changes
  • Initial dialogue integration and button based sex progression - right now there's a working dialogue system with test dialogue. Currently it does the following Plays dialogue for Naomi and the player VN style, buttons can progress the sex animation and change scenes, during dialogue you can freely control the camera. In the future i'll add stuff like toggling the dialogue visibility, integrating voice acting and lip sync with dialogue (system is in place i just need to use/test it), adding animation variations or blended animations. But anyway all the foundations are there and working! Currently this applies to the updated Modified Missionary Scene! :D I need to improve the camera angles though.
  • Bed squish! You'll notice in the build Naomi no longer clips into the bed. Instead the bed deforms according to her! Some parts (Naomi's feet, and the entire player avatar) are still not enabled to support deforming but i'll add them later! 
  • Disrobe buttons, the placement and setup is temporary but right now there's 3 buttons at the top left to toggle Naomi's clothing! No matter what is worn they work! Soon they will have multiple states of undress but i need to make the models for those. The function is there though.
  • POV Camera! There is now a 360 camera toggle and POV camera toggle, POV is iffy but the option is there! Right now it works anywhere even if the avatar isn't in the scene so you can currently find out where he's hidden XD. 
  • Smoother camera integration, mostly. There's now these smooth camera transitions for some things, and things that shouldn't. For example Now the 360 view doesn't snap, and instead smoothly transitions. The issue is the position of the pivot of the camera needs to update with each scene, causes the 360 view to move to an odd position most of the time. Certain other camera transitions don't "Cut" yet but most do. 
  • No more physics jittering! Physics will jiggle a little in transitions but not the wild amounts they were before. 
  • Modified missionary animations more complete but still WIP. I expected to have some facial animations integrated but unfortunately things didn't work out that way due to issues with the lipsync system. More improvements there soon.
  • Dildo animations updated to work new Naomi model! Also fixed animation glitches i had with that too lol.
  • Updated UI! Stuff looks a lot less janky now! Certain UI scaling issues are also fixed!
  • New Poses added! They're from previous images seen, but I wanted to add at least a little bit of new stuff besides animation updates.
  • Other stuff I'm probably forgetting to mention.

Known Issues
  • 360 camera does not work in dildo animation currently! I need to integrate it with the new camera system or find some other method. Will take a good deal of time to update all that maybe. 
  • Some animations have visual issues, you'll find the butt move oddly in some animations lol.

So Sacb0y what does all this mean?

It means I pretty much have a game at this point, at the very least something that functions similar to my initial goal of a "Wolf girl and you" type game. Which I feel will offer a satisfactory experience until I can get back to making a proper Sex Sim game as initially planned.

Maybe what I'll do is focus on this type of project, and then add the sex sim aspect later for certain scenes. Cause thing is doing the sex sim stuff is actually much easier with a 3D model than the 2D set-up like The Couch. So it might be viable for me to do, but i don't want to go an extended amount of time with no story or sex content. Cause there's a lot of stuff I have to make in general. Maybe i'll do a vote to see how you guys feel about it. 

For some perspective, here's the list of potential content that can be made from here on.

  • New dialogue driven sex animations with no or minimal interactivity beyond dialogue choices (Which may affect the sex animation, for example choosing to cum inside or outside).
  • New Dialogue driven story animations (no or minimal lewd)
  • More Outfit Options for Naomi
  • More Customization Options for the Male Avatar
  • Spend time creating 'Sex Sim' gameplay similar to The Couch but without dialogue integration to the extent of it. So maybe minor dialogue triggers but not much in the way of contextual and dynamic stuff in a conversational format.
  • Expand on the environment design to make it feel more catered to the story (right now it's 90% placeholder). 

And this is all besides the other needed aspects like working out a cum system for both internal and external, integrating lip sync, integrating audio, integrating changing facial expressions (connected to lip sync but still needs triggers), and other improvements and stu

So with this all in mind I'll probably do a poll later today about this so I can understand where your priorities lie. This will help determine what i should focus on next besides what i have on deck on the Trello.

Any News on The Couch?

So mint is back from his training but he's not out of the woods yet, he likely needs to relocate for his job and get a first paycheck even that's not the training pay.

But the good news is thanks to integrating it into Our Apartment now I have a more complete understanding of how our Dialogue System asset works. And I've seen the ways the integration might work for my needs. Even if i have to do it to a lesser degree, it might be possible to pull off this dialogue system to work with The Couch. And maybe doing such a thing will benefit Our Apartments potential Sex Sim aspects, so the effort benefits everything. 

If i try to tackle that, i'll need to set a month for it, and i might leave that up to a vote somewhat. But regardless it's looking very promising.


Progress is coming along smoothly at this point, and we're shifting to a content focus but there's still issues to resolve and things to add before i can consider the current content "Complete" having the full range of dialogue, audio, visuals, and quality.

Thanks for your support in this project change! I couldn't have gotten to this point without you guys!