I've released a minor update to my Retrostone CFW, here are the changes : - Turned all emulators into OPK packages. - Greatly improved boot times. - Fixed issues with FCEUX being configured improperly. - PokeMini now saves in the root directory.

The most noticeable improvement are the improved boot times. I looked into it and it turns out busybox's init would stall on the initscripts and other misc commands being ran during boot process. I took out those and its so fast i don't even need to put a boot screen now. (i was considering this but it would slow it and the first white screen thing is a boot rom issue so no dice)

I'm not sure why the first part takes that long to boot to my SD card, although i've been told that it normally looks for an HDMI out hence the white screen. However, it still happens even when you plug in the HDMI cable so obviously its not the only explanation.

But it's more bearable now as you can see and its almost as fast as Opendingux devices now, which can take around 7 seconds or so.

If you want to give it a try on your Retrostone, it's here :

Oh yeah, if you wondered why i flagged my account as 18+ or so, it's because i've released several 8-bits porn games in the past (my Colecovision game ccc:) and it's possible i may go back to making those again. Or at least to some extent.

I'm also not ruling out porting some hentai games to Opendingux/Retrostone but for now, few porn games are open source so....