So 2 days ago, i had released my CFW for the Retrostone. It is completely different from the RetroOrangePi which was recommended by default to most people.

RetrOrangePi had numerous issues : - It was not free software and consequently, it meant that it could not be provided with Retrostone devices ironically enough. - Games on it had no sound output. Doom also ran too fast. Also the output looked poor. How the hell were these issues not spotted ? - Booting times were pretty bad. While it's mostly a uboot issue, the overbloat of RetrOrangePi meant that it would take longer than usual. Expect to save 30 seconds on my CFW.

So i reached out to paddle, the creator of the Retrostone if he was interested to send me a device so i could work on it. He agreed and this is the result of it after 2 months or so. (Granted, i did not always work on it.)

I've made an early version available with 10 emulators on it. It works ok but it's missing HDMI out support, support for external controllers and so on. It's also missing some emulators like PCSX rearmed, Picodrive, snes9x2010 etc... The toughest thing would be to have 3D acceleration working due to a dependency on glibc that's not easy to fix... I'm still thinking on how to solve & fix this issue.

If you like my work on the Retrostone and want to support me, you can do so here by tipping me. Thank you !