Hello guys, i decided to give SubscribeStar a try given the things Patreon have done in the past to other creators (as well as mature content, which i've done a few of them) and people were asking me how they could support me and my work.

If you don't know me, i did ports of emulators for the GCW0, RS-97, Bittboy and currently working on the Retrostone for which i've released an alpha build of my CFW for it.

In the past, i've also done homebrew games for consoles like the 3DO, Colecovision, Megadrive and so on. I've stopped working on those since last year but i would like to resume working on those in the future if possible. So far though, i have no games in my mind. (other than maybe remakes or a compilation of all the work i did before)

A few people have asked me if they could support my work. Before that, i had no choice but to ask for amazon gift codes, which forced me to buy stuff from amazon, which they don't always have.

Now they can support me with several options, and subscribestar is one of them. So far it looks nice, with the only downside is that i need to create a transferwire account for setting up things. No worries i guess, it's not a big deal.

What can you expect if you support me ? Well for once, you can request some ports to some console for example. (to a reasonable extent) But it's mostly if you like my work. If i become big i may consider additional stretch goals but we're not there yet.

By no means don't feel forced to do so if you are low on money. But you also have to keep in mind that if you want me to support the current ports i did for the RS-97 & Bittboy that i would have no incentive to do so without some compensation. In handsight, i've worked hours and hours only to get little to nothing.

I do would like to thank the people who did support me in some ways or another.