The Repurposing Center (public) 0.4.18(a)

Note 1: The next build contains a new coffee stall (staffed by a new NPC), new solutions to the Jess quest, and some expansions to the impregnation content. It's a little smaller than I would have hoped due to the below-mentioned health matters, but there is still some great content there, so if you're interested maybe check it out :) 
Hey everyone, and welcome to a new public build. This current build is currently at 1,546,263 words, and 2197 passages, so over 45k new words (it also means we've finally reached 1.5 million words of content). This build is mostly centred on the impregnation system, but has a couple of new sex scenes to accompany it, and a new collection of piercing jewellery for the player to purchase. Since the last build I've also put together a wiki for the game (though it's still a work-in-progress).
There were some additional delays on this build due to health issues sadly, but thankfully those are now mostly resolved ^_^
Recently I've been working on a wiki for the game, which will cover all  sorts of interesting behind-the-scenes information on how the various  gameplay elements work, along with providing quest guides. There is  certainly still work to do on it, but if you need a helping hand, or  just want to check it out, then you can find it on the official website  -> here
The main content is; New Piercings, Jess Sex Scene, Tilly Sex Scene, Core Impregnation System, Impregnation Discovery Visits, Impregnation Birthing Scenes.
1/ New Piercings - 16 new piercings have been added to the game, along with corresponding images by the artist Silverjile. These new piercings are aimed towards giving new and interesting choices for; septums, nipples, lower ears, and ear bars. I'm particularly happy with the cute ear studs, and with the nipple shields.
2/ Jess Sex Scene - A new sex scene with Jess (both roommate and slave versions) has now been included into the game. This scene requires the player to either have 25 relationship score with Jess as a roommate, or for Jess to be the player's slave, and involves the player having missionary sex with her (requires penis or strap-on), with a few sweet and tender moments. There are also some minor alterations to the content depending on if Jess is the player's slave, or their roommate. Finally, this scene allows the player to impregnate Jess if they have all the relevant requirements to do so fulfilled.
3/ Tilly Sex Scene - Tilly's dating path has had a new sex scene added to it too. This scene is accessible from the after-date sex options list, and sees the player having passionate missionary style sex with her (either with their penis or strap-on), with some fun foreplay. The scene also allows the player to impregnate TIlly if they have all the relevant requirements to do so fulfilled.
4/ Core Impregnation System - The core impregnation system is now in place, allowing players to impregnate; Tilly, Jess, and Villin (along with the code to allow players to impregnate random NPC's that is currently inaccessible to players but is fully implemented otherwise). Players with balls and a penis, who are virile and have pregnancy content active in their game, when having penetrative vaginal sex with certain NPC's can impregnate them.
The virility check, which is the percentage chance the player has to impregnate an NPC, is as follows;
Virility = 10 + (Penis Size x 3) + (Ball Size x 5) + (10 points if Sex Addicted) + (5 points if Virility Booster Minor) + (10 points if Virility Booster Medium) + (15 points if Virility Booster Major) + (10 points if player has the Stud Trait) + (10 points if the player has the Breeding Stallion Trait)
The complexity of the system will be changed slightly in the future, with plans for an 'internal balls' upgrade as part of it (so the player can still impregnate without having visible balls), the ability to impregnate with a strap-on (as long as the player has balls or internal balls), and integration with the new sperm tracking system (where players generate and store cum in their balls).
5/ Impregnation Discovery Visits - The morning, 10 time segments after impregnating an NPC, the player will be visited with that NPC (unless it was a random unnamed NPC). In this visit the NPC (Jess, Tilly, or Villin currently) will let the player know that they are pregnant. This will also alter their visual appearance, with Tilly and Jess both having alternative pregnant character images.
6/ Impregnation Birthing Scenes - Impregnation birthing scenes with Jess, Villin, Tilly, and random unknown female NPC's, have been added to a the game. This series of scenes is much like with the pregnancy content, with the player being briefed about what is happening, presented with their children one at a time with a chance to name them, offered the opportunity to put them up for adoption or to keep them, and then finally all of that information recapped for the player.
Other additions include; Mari's quest's reward has been altered so that the player gains the benefit of being able to get help on other quests from her as long as they have got any of the positive endings to it. There is also now a link to the wiki on the main page, a couple of extra clothing items (that are currently inaccessible, and updates have been made to the upper ear piercings system to allow for additional upper ear piercings in the future (it has been split between upper ear piercings and upper ear bar piercings), along with usual minor fixes, variable additions, and corrections of typos.
Change Log:
- Impregnation Code - Code for impregnation has been added, where upon having penetrative sex with Tilly, Jess (requires Jess to be made fertile), or Villin, if the player has a penis and balls (and has pregnancy content active and is virile) the player will have a chance to impregnate them. This chance is based on penis size, ball size, and various traits + boosters.
- Jess Pregnancy Discovery Scene - The morning 10 time segments after impregnating Jess, she will visit the player and explain she is pregnant.
- Tilly Pregnancy Discovery Scene - The morning 10 time segments after impregnating Tilly, she will visit the player and explain she is pregnant.
- Villin Pregnancy Discovery Scene - The morning 10 time segments after impregnating Villin, she will visit the player and explain she is pregnant.
- Jess + Tilly + Villin Pregnancy Appearance Descriptions - After the pregnancy has been discovered, Jess, Tilly, and Villin, will have a slightly different appearance description, with Tilly and Jess having alternate character portraits.
- Impregnation Birthing Start Scenes - During travel, waiting, or upon waking up, after 40 time segments have progressed for an impregnation the birthing will trigger, with the player being retrieved by a robot for it.
- Impregnation Birthing End Scenes - At the end of the birthing scenes, the player will be sent back to the relevant area of content before the interrupt triggered.
- Impregnation Jess Birthing Scenes - Birthing scenes have been added for Jesss, who is somewhat nervous, and would somewhat prefer the player to keep the children rather than putting them up for adoption.
- Impregnation Tilly Birthing Scenes - Birthing scenes have been added for Tilly, who is having fun with it, and doesn't mind if the player keeps the children or puts them up for adoption.
- Impregnation Villin Birthing Scenes - Birthing scenes have been added for Villin, who is somewhat nervous, and would like the player to keep the children rather than putting them up for adoption.
- Impregnation Unknown Mother Birthing Scenes - Birthing scenes have been added for random unnamed NPC's, though the player doesn't get to meet them for logistical reasons (currently not accessible - but will be soon).
- Tilly Sex Scene - Players who are dating Tilly can now access a penetrative sex scene with her at the end of her dates, as long as they either have a penis or a strap-on. Tilly can be impregnated in this scene.
- Jess Sex Scene - Players who have Jess as a Roommate/Slave can ask Jess to have sex with them (costs 1 energy, requires 25+ relationship score if Jess is a roommate). This scene involves penetrative sex with Jess, and can impregnate her, but requires the player to have either a penis or a strap-on.
- Jess Fertiltiy Treatment - Players can pay 200 G.G.P at the Family Affair clinic to have Jess become fertile, as long as she is a roommate/slave (and if she has a suitably high relationship score with the player).
- 16 new piercings added to the piercings index.
- 16 new piercings added to The Inkspot store inventory.
- 1 new headwear item added to the headwear index.
- 1 new outfit added to the outfit index.
- Mari quest reward re-work - Mari's quest reward (help with other quests) will now be rewarded to players who complete her quest with all positive endings.
- Orgasm code updated in-line with the planned cum system.
- Impregnation macro calls added to relevant sex scenes.
- Impregnation progression code added to time progression code.
- Link to the official wiki added to the main page.
- Mari scene tag fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Lollipop service scene tag fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Sports drink shop fix (Thank you Prince Draco)
- Extra diaper changes fix (Thank you Faker)
- Pink Outpost tag fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- Automatic Trough fix (Thank you rusal703)
- Hucow oats fix (Thank you Kristov)
- Colour procedures fix (Thank you WubWubPwny)
- Job hygiene checks (Thank you Magpie)
- Riley encounter fix (Thank you CboyC95)
- Day progression macro fix (Thank you Crizice)
- Upper ear piercings system rework (which in the future will allow upper ear piercings and upper ear bar piercings)
- 16 new Silverjile piercings images.
- 1 new Silverjile outfit image.
- 1 new Silverjile headwear image.
- Trough furniture image by Silverjile.
- 4 new Silverjile character images.
- Children eye colour bug fixed.
- Children lists updated to allow for new parents.
- Bug fix to allow Tilly, Jess, Villin to be re-impregnated.
- New variables added.
- A few minor bug fixes.
Hope you have fun :)