Persephone (Akitaru Obi x FR [Originally Chubby] x Benimaru Shinmon)

Theme song: Wrong Side of Heaven - Five Finger Death Punch
I never intended to stray from the path where morals bolstered ideals and the common man gained comfort in the warmth of Amaterasu’s flame.

When I first met Obi, we were members of the same unit at the Fire Defense Agency. Being two people passionate about fighting the flame while prioritizing life, we hit it off rather spectacularly. By the time he got the call to be Captain of Company 8 we had been dating for almost a year, making my choice to follow him an obvious one. I wasn’t worried I couldn’t hold my ground, I had confidence in Obi and our dream.

But each fire is different and some are more beautiful than others. As time went on and the team got larger the stakes put us both in danger in ways we weren’t sure we could combat. It was around this time I met Beni and was forced to realize love was a flame anyone could snuff, but passion was an inferno that would set my world ablaze.