168 - WT HD Remaster. Yay or Nay?

First things first: let's talk about WT (since I did put it into the header and all).
Don't freak out please. This idea came to me out of nowhere and at this stage it's an idea only. One of many. While I am working on Ep12 I am contemplating a lot of stuff, most of it will forever remain only as an idea in my head.
But why? Here is the thing, original WT has a 800x600 resolution. That's a really small game screen. For example SC34 has a resolution of 1200x720 pxls, but even that is not that big for the modern device's crazy screen resolution. That being said, despite original WT being so tiny, I still have all the original development assets that are quite big in size and would easily allow for a 1200x720 remaster if not higher.
Yes, but why though? My train of thought is this: eventually back up HDD will crash, or something will happen to me (god forbid) and those high definition development assets will be lost forever, but if I update the game, you guys will replicate the thing all over the web and it will never be lost :)
Any changes? The idea is to keep EVERYTHING as it is, just in a higher resolution. I don't want to create any "Han shot first " moments. That being said, I would probably make a few small quality of live tweaks. For example make the fight with Snape a bit easier and a bit shorter. Also I would make it so that you could nurture the bird back to health, but that's about it.
This won't be easy. It may seem like all I would need to do is update the art assets, but it will be way more complicated than that. I will be basically rebuilding the entire game from scratch in a new resolution, defining new coordinates for every single screen, button and chibi animation.
One month? That being sad I think it shouldn't take me longer than one month to complete. But well all know that things tend to go wrong more often then not. Some unexpected problems may always resurface and extend the development time indefinitely...
Tell me the truth please. Don't worry about hurting my feeling or something. If you think that WT remaster will be a waste of my time - tell me exactly that. Most likely it indeed will be, since you will be getting the same (probably a decade old by now) game. I really want to know what you think though. Please share your opinion in the comment section below. (Or there is also discord.)
To other good news. My health has improved drastically during this week. I am still not 100% back to normal by any stretch, but few days ago I woke up and realized that my neck muscles don't hurt as much and that my joints don't pop that loudly anymore. At first I was worried that it was just a fluke but it's been days and I continue to feel quite OK ^_^
Video games. I feel good enough to be able to play video games again. I do it in moderation, but damn it feels good to be back. When all the hell broke lose I had to abandon my second playthrough or FE:Three Houses and had to watch it on YouTube because it was next back thing at the moment. That was depressing as heck. But it's all in the past, at least for now. Having controller in my hands again just feels so damn good!
The work. I've been playing it smart: special chair, cool new self-elevating desk (it finally got delivered), drinking plenty of water, going to gym, jogging and taking frequent breaks while working. Through out all that I managed to get a lot done during this week. Like a ton! I'm so happy! Basically I am done with the first draft of writing for ep12. During next week I will be doing re-writes and as soon as that is done I will be getting back to finishing art assets (many of the drawings are still on the inking stage, from 3 months ago).
What's next? I've been doing a lot of thinking. And I mean A LOT. I am still in the process of figuring out how I want to proceed with all the work related stuff. As it stands right now I will probably be taking a break from SC34 after ep12. As for the episode itself it won't have a cliffhanger at the end, but at the same time it won't feel like any sort of resolution has been reached. Sorry about that, the episode was concieved last year, a lot happened since then -_-. 
No seriously, what's next? Next I want to work on a new project. Something interactive and with a cozy feel of the WT to it. I have multiple projects that I am considering at the moment. The main idea though is to create something simple enough that I would be able to finish the entire thing in 3 months tops! I don't know how realistic that is, but even a 6 months development cycle sounds very depressing to me.  
Haven't made up my mind yet. Like I said, these are just thoughts, I haven't decided anything yet. Hell, I may even get to working on Ep13 as soon as Ep12 is finished, life is unpredictable that way. But for now I just want to know your thoughts on the whole WT Remaster thing. Please be truthful, if you feel like that is something you don't really need and you would rather have me work on something else make sure to say so.
Wow, this was a very long post, huh? Congratulations of reaching the end of the post! :) Not so long ago I made posts consisting of barely 5 to 7 words. Let's hope it will never happen again. It probably will, but we have the right to hope it won't!
Thank you for your support, thank you for not abandoning me during these three months of crappy crap that I had to deal with. Everything has a reason though, and this shake up really gave me a perspective on many things. There will be same changes both in my personal life and in the way I approach work, but I have a feeling you gonna love them. A lot of cool stuff is cooking in my head right now, you better believe it. ^_^
Love you all dearly.
Your fearless spiritual leader.