Hello, fellow Resistance members. Here are the latest from our secret headquarters.

The goodies for June are still being prepared and will arrive soon. The delay is caused by some development issues that had to be resolved before the already slow process could normally continue. Namely, there were a lot of back and forth with one of remotely working freelancers regarding rigs/poses/animation and since these things are pretty crucial to the final look of the game (and some cool animated clips), they required my full attention. There were a lot of feedback, testing, adjusting. However, the short story for June is almost finished (and it's properly hardcore as well) and will be posted in a day or two. Girl's posts (Aurora's and Miyako's) are prepared and accompanying artworks are in progress. The main artwork for June, that will introduce a bit of the game universe, is in development as well. If nothing else throws a wrench into the gears, the package for June should arrive by July 10th and for July by the 30th. 

See you soon.

Resistance Commander