Progress report Princess trainer: Jasmine

The past few days I've spent fixing the bugs in the inventory system, since it's all fixes to the code, there no visual change in the game and I have nothing to show for it, but here's what changed beneath the hood:

  • Now the items won't disappear randomly while shopping
  • The missing item icons after the first ten or twelve is fixed
  • The inventory no longer depends on an external function and all calculations are done from within the the same class
  • The items now stack correctly
  • Implementing multiple bags is easier now

I'm thinking about disconnecting the inventory from characters class so it can be added to any character without the need for changes to the units class, the basic class is already isolated, all I have to do is cutting the cord and create a new instance for it. but let's leave it to the time that the units class have became too complex.

As a side note, I've changed most of the item icons from ugly images to a style that fits the game better. Most of those icons came from and look good enough to stay in the game in case we don't find artists to design an icon set for us. those that I've crossed should be changed and we will need more, much more items.