071 - Filler # 02.
I know I am super late with this post here on Subscribestar. Sorry about that.

Hi, guys.
It's your friendly neighborhood artist - AKABUR Senpai. =^_^= 

have much to report again. Another super empty post. Sorry about that. I imagine my Monday Posts has gotten a bit less entertaining lately, but I hope you will stick around nonetheless :)

The work.
It's been 4 weeks since Ep.6's public release. (5 weeks since the patrons-only release). I am working on Episode 07. I honestly was hoping to actually release it quite soon, but I got sick. Nothing too serious but it did put me out of commission for quite a few days. And since I remain to be a one-man-production, when I get sick the entire production stops. I am feeling better now and slowly picking up the pace, but all I can say about Episode 07 is that it's coming soon*

Thank you
for you support and trust in me, guys. Without you I am almost literally nothing, but with you by my side I may actually be able to achieve some interesting things eventually. ^^

there will is no gifs this time. Sorry ^^

Love you all more than I can put into words. See you next Monday :)