Hi there. Here's the latest news from DM world: 

- Stories and images for this month are being prepared and will be posted in the second half of June. You'll get some glimpse of events before the alien arrival and get to know some of the girls a bit better.

- The first Mission in the VN is being written/scripted and will focus on Aurora, the cute sniper expert. Her origin story is currently almost 10k words long! (16 pages). My writer is really going for it. Some of her past events will be referenced in her first Mission and you'll get to discover hers and other girls' grim pasts as you go.

- The second most common monster you'll encounter in the game is now fully rigged and ready for action. Also all the characters are fully rigged by the way, so various poses will be possible, both idle and action ones (the next Game Dev post for those who back will include cool previews).

Resistance Commander