TLB - 0.7 Release Change log

Hello Everyone!
Here is a new release of TLB! I’m sorry about delay, I know that you wanted to play this game this weekend,  but if I had released it without properly testing, it wouldn’t have worked well.
So what’s inside?
Procedural dimension
As I said earlier, I made this level with procedurally generated environment. Why did I do it? 
The dimension of time is chaotic and shouldn’t be the same after each game restart, should it? 
I know that this level may look kinda empty, the reason is the time of production. 
I have only one month for each release, so I can’t do all features which I planned to make on this location in time.
So stay tuned for the following releases, I’m gonna add new stuff and change the existing one in different locations for your pleasure. 
Beeh Athair
Third and last one Main God. He is the big boss of this level. He is bored, he is big and a little bit evil.
So you should guess what may happen when Barbarian meets him. Someone will be fucked, yeah!
Also, you will be able to play as Beeh Athair to fuck demons’ asses! I think it’s a good idea to play as evil character, isn’t it? 
Remade Imp
I think that you asked yourself how all of these monsters appear in the game?
It should be clear that Slaves run away from Arkhnam, Werewolves as Goblins are related to Mines.
But what about Imps? How did they appear in this world? 
They are from this dimension. You met them in Dungeons and Magic Castle, didn’t you? 
So I decided to keep their appearance from Castle dimension, so be careful, they want to tear Barbarian' pussy apart. 
Goddes of the Flesh, she has waited for a long time for this meeting. So, find her and try to kill. 
Don’t expect a happy end, N’ul realm isn’t place about something good
I’m going to improve her battle mechanics in the next releases, but I placed her here, to have one of many true endings of the game
Sex animations
If it's a adult game, I should add some sex scenes here. 
So we have 3 new ones for Imps and 3 more for Beeh Athair. Enjoy.
What about galleries?
It’s on rendering now. I had some problems with octane subscription purchase (it wasn’t processed well), but now everything is fine. 
And Demons and Priests’ updates will be delivered in a few days. Please stay patient. 

Enjoy the game and remember, all things I create in the game, I make according to your opinions.
So, don't hesitate to tell me your ideas and wishes.
Thank you for your support! 
You are awesome!