Big'ol Start of the Month post! Announcing Public Trello Board! Tutorials!

Alright I know I've been writing a lot of stuff but I'm enjoying the momentum and i'm more talkative when i'm in a good mood. 

It's still a problem for me that the objective of Our Apartment is not fully clear. And if it's not fully clear for me i'm sure it's worse for you guys. So in an effort to better organize the project now that some main goals have been hit (Scene selection, customization, shaders), I've made a public Trello board for you guys to track what i intend to do and what i'm currently working on. This is also so that these Big'ol posts aren't the only way to figure out whats going on.

This board for now is specifically for Our Apartment, as some things for The Couch is still up in the air. This will stay that way until a certain milestone is made in implementing the Dialogue System asset. But if that takes too long and i reach the point where I've Implemented the Dialogue System into Our Apartment I may have enough knowledge to just start doing things myself using Bolt. I just want to avoid a scenario where there's an extended silence cause i'm just figuring stuff out for a month. But when i get to that point a separate Trello will be made specifically for that game.

Anyway back to the Trello, i'm using this as a main task tracker for myself as well. Before i would use Microsoft To-Do but that's not a good public option. It's worth noting this is more set-up for your viewing than organizing tasks, but it works for me as is. I'm also going to use this to organize requests from certain support teirs and in general, more on that later.

A few points. 
  • You'll note color tags on these which are to indicate priority or if I actually intend to do it rather than simply "considering" it. 
  • Just cause something is high priority doesn't mean it's going to happen sooner, generally I'll still tackle things in a viable order. 
  • "On Deck" is just things i intend to work on soon.
  • I'm very likely still forgetting to add some things lol.

Linear Development and Releases

I want to reemphasize that from now on all development is Linear. I'm not going to jump around builds for different tiers, all builds are made and released in order, the difference between tiers is the frequency and quality of the build ([Experimental], [Rough], [Release]). Public builds will still be a bit rare, but my goal for those releases is polished major new content.
For example the next public release should be the full completion of the "Modified Missionary" animation, and possibly the "3 weeks" animation which I'll explain more of later. But full completion also means voice, dialogue, and an cum systems implemented. And for public releases that's just how my standards work.

But how this plays out is like i said linearly, but note i promise a month for supporters before the public release. So whats likely going to happen is the content will be "complete" and i'll keep making fixes and improvements while working on new content. But by the time that public release is made it will be whatever the current build is because that's going to be higher quality. So what i may do is focus on outfits or other content during that time that can't be implemented into the build yet.

This is to improve efficiency of my work, making builds is extremely time consuming, I spend all day on little fixes and junk, especially if i'm building for multiple platforms. I'd rather just do it as I go, i'm sure it's better for income to do it the way I usually see but that's too much.
This also plays into other things i'm doing. I'll be updating the page description soon to reflect this stuff. 

Blender 2.8, Unity 2019, Tutorials and Alexandria

Recently blender 2.8 had a UI freeze, meaning they'll be starting on documentation soon. And that means for me making tutorials is more viable. Also a lot of the assets i need to use are making their way over too, some of it is still in beta but for now that's fine.

Main point is I've decided Alex is going to be my first complete project in blender 2.8, and as I do that project I'll be making some tutorials mostly based on the poll i did previously on Patreon. This means the tutorials will be based off the most up to date model, and most up to date software versions. And on top of this they focus on the highest voted tutorials,  related to modeling and character design. These tutorials will be videos.

I also don't know exactly where i'm hosting the tutorials, so that's up in the air too. I can guarantee uploads to SubscribeStar, and otherwise i'll be promoting/releasing these tutorials some other way.

I'll also be doing Unity tutorials as well but i also want those based on the latest version, cause i want these tutorials to be relevant for the longest period of time. These tutorials will coincide with updates to the project. So Unity 2019 tutorials will relate to updates, content,  and fixes i'll need to make for compatibility with these versions, especially when/if i change to SRP. FYI though my current mentality is the project will use LWRP rather than HDRP due to android and Web GL build needs. I should still be able to create solid visuals all the same.

These tutorials will be made from streams and i'll voice them, i'll basically try and run tutorials during the stream and compile/edit them later. A bit messy i know but it should allow for that "Linear" development i mentioned while still getting the info out. I want to do these things but i want to avoid going too far out of the way to do them. I'll of course announce a specific stream for when this happens. But if you want these tutorials sooner, at least ones that including Alex might only be on subscribe star first until i release them publicly. If you have ideas on the best way to release adult art tutorials please let me know.

I'll be looking for feedback soon!

I have my own ideas for what i want to do, as it's mostly for starting to integrate some story scenarios again.

If there's something you're hoping for or looking to see feel free to let me know in the comment! I have some rules for what content I want to release currently but feel free to let me know anyway! Your request will appear on the trello linked formerly.

I'll be doing polls specifically for this soon, but i figured i'd just ask in case there's something i miss.

I'm mostly looking for the following:
  • Customization options for the male avatar, options for Hats or Dicks
  • What kind of animations or sex positions you'd like to see, or even a scenario with Naomi
  • What type of outfits for Naomi you'd like to see
You guys seem happy with what i'm doing usually, but some feedback helps. I do plan on adding some more in-depth options to higher supporter tiers but that's more down the line.

Once again thanks for your support!