Update 1.7.0 Release Date and Patch Notes

Hello Everyone!

Luciana and I are in the home stretch of bringing Sara in to join our cast of strange and sexy characters. We appreciate your patience with us as we got rolling after the holiday season, and we're pleased to announce the release date for this update.

Sara's Backer Build will release to our 5$+ Patrons a week from today: Wednesday, February 24th! Public release will follow, as always, 2 weeks later on March 10th. We can't wait to introduce you to your newest addition!

Patch notes can be found below, and we'll also be doing an art preview for our backers this Friday (February 19th), so be sure to keep your eyes open for the sneak peek. After that, we'll be turning our attention to Update 1.8.0 -- the Gamification Update -- which should see a variety of new additions designed to make the game around the story a more enjoyable one.

Happy Hunting, and we'll see you in a week!

Cambion and Luciana

Patch Notes:

New Character: Sara

  • Sara has been added as a recruitable character. She can be met in the Casino in the afternoon or evening after the player has introduced themselves to Mammon.

  • Pre-Transformation Sara's only location is the Casino, but she has both an 'on duty' and an 'off duty' mode. Your first two encounters will see you meet her in both of these modes, after which you can talk to her 'on duty' persona in the afternoon, and find her 'off duty' in the evenings. The 'on duty' conversations lead to the Magician path, while the 'off duty' conversations lead to the Kitsune option.

  • Regardless of form, Sara can be found in the Casino after transformation. She'll be running a stage show as your magician, or running a small bar at the kitsune.

  • Sara is currently not available for the 'Date night' romance events.

Casino Work Scenes

  • With the addition of a character to the Casino comes the option to supervise there. Update 1.7.0 comes with 7 new scenes: 3 scenes unlocked with the building, an additional 2 if you have purchased the casino upgrade, and one each for Sara's new forms.

Assorted Bug Fixes and Improvements

-As always, we've been looking over the code and making adjustments to anything out of place. Stability and fewer typos are always good!