Poll Results - Update 1.8.0

Hola Everyone!

The results are in! This one may have been one of the most exciting to watch here at Sinspirational HQ, as the top runners remained within one or two votes of each other for most of the run time of the poll. The leading selection only rarely yielded the top spot, but with the totals that close, I knew the weighting would be crucial, and Luciana and I were both on the edge of our seats.

At last, the race has ended, and the winner is....Gamification!

It was a close call. Intimate and Duo scenes were neck and neck right behind it, and the romance expansion was only a step behind. In the end, though, it was the mechanical redesign that won the day. As always, we really appreciate everyone's vote. We make this game for you all, and we're delighted you keep giving us the opportunity to make it better and better.

So, what's in store for Paradise Heights in update 1.8.0? Well...to be perfectly honest, we don't know yet! Without the need to reach for the word count, update 1.8.0 will see us going back to fundamentals to evaluate all of our underlying systems. Some of them will be tuned ever so gently, while others are likely to get torn out and replaced wholesale. Our focus will be on making the game more interesting and appealing to play, and we'll be looking at our energy system, buildings, and graphical improvements to see what we can build upon. All the characters, story beats, and transformation options will remain, but the game around them should be a lot more entertaining.

Once again, thank you all for voting. If your favorite won, congratulations! If it didn't, there'll always be the next poll. In the meantime, Sara's content is entering the home stretch. We'll be showing off some previews next week and we should have a release date picked up and locked in very soon.

Happy hunting! Cambion and Luciana