Welcome to 'Dark Ministry' - a grime, post-apocalyptic universe in the making, with a solid dose of hentai/tentacle action where a group of petite Resistance girls battle mysterious and slimy invaders from outer space. Quite often with dire consequences to themselves, I might add. The content of this terrifying, awfully lewd setting will be slowly build up here via elements like:

- short NSFW stories
- NSFW artworks and short clips
- posts from the girls themselves to their fans (they have uncanny skill of guessing my passwords, I suppose)
- visual novel/CYOA game (when completed)
Resistance girls don't mess around

Short stories

In order to better showcase the world of 'Dark Ministry' and all the events that happened before and after The Purge, I will be publishing short stories that shed some light at what the life of humans and cute furries (yep, you read it correctly) was before and after devastating alien invasion. They will also star every girl from the Resistance, gradually revealing their complex (and often pretty grim) past as well as various events that shaped them into the cute fighters they are. They will be often very hot, so just make sure no-one is looking above your shoulder while reading them. The higher tiers will also get bonuses - accompanying graphics, scans from secret 'DM' sketchbook pages and extra passages.

NSFW (usually) artworks and clips

DM is crafted with high-quality in mind and all the art is created on a professional level, using my almost 10 year long experience as an illustrator/concept artist and using a mixture of 2D and 3D. I will be releasing images that gives an additional insight into the world of DM as well as showing all the girls 'in action' (they can do much more than shooting guns, you know). Occasionally, short, looped 3D clips will be added as well. Higher tiers will get an opportunity to receive special variations of the images/clips and ability to vote regarding content of future artworks, like outfits or which girl should be featured more prominently (I'm sure you'll soon have your favourites!). The highest tier will also receive a special Gift Image (once a month).

Posts from the girls

I’m more then certain the girls will send out some messages to their fans (they won't admit it but they all are aching to become proper waifus), perhaps pages from their personal naughty diaries or snapshots/selfies taken with their futuristic FaceCams. How? What will they contain exactly? Who knows... One thing is certain - knowing them, it will make you desperately strive for more. Maybe they will even accept requests?

Visual novel/CYOA game

The core of 'Dark Ministry' will be a VN-type of game, with additional point-and-click/simple puzzle elements, that's currently in early stages of development. Like every project of that scope, aiming at professional quality level, it requires a lot of time and resources to bring the best visuals and gaming pleasure. However, with your support, it will be possible for the project to move forward. At the moment, almost all the main assets are prepared (beautiful sprites, 3D models, UI, voice acting for the initial demo, etc.) and some of them will be used for creating awesome looking reward images. Script/coding/background work is underway. Higher tiers will have access to 'developer's journal', which will keep them up to date with the progress and allow to visit various game locations as they are being crafted.

Ready to join the Resistance?
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