Hey Sacb0y, why Hats?
Made by Outlander! Thanks dude!

Above gif made by Outlander! Thanks dude! He's on our discord!

I wanted to type something up explaining my mentality for Male Avatar customization going forward so you know what you expect there. 

Alright so what can i expect for the male avatar customization?

So as you might have noticed overall I've kept things around Naomi fairly grounded, and that's very intentional, for at least any main gameplay this kind of grounded set up I think suits what i want to do with The Couch and Our Apartment (but not some other more difficult projects I want to do in the future). 

But the male avatar is not included in that, not because the male avatar doesn't matter but more that customization is better suited for the self insert aspect. But here i'd rather things be more symbolic than literal. Usually character customization is based on making a character look like a person or something that fits in the world.

Here the avatar is mostly a solid color, the character you play as does have an arc and character, but that's more about personality than back story and direct information about him. He's more a role to play. 

So because of that i think more varied forms of customization is more important. But i'm not concerned with making an avatar in a form similar to Naomi. It's not worth the effort IMO, I think it's better that your avatar is more what you feel like than how you actually look.

Ok, what are we getting? Spill it.

So  what you can expect is a range of normal to fairly absurd stuff. So to start overtime you'll have a variety of options for your manly bits (this is a pubic post you know what i mean), and a likely wider variety of options for hats. Over time i may add accessories which can be almost anything. 

Hats can be in the form of some kind of animal head (solid color likely), various career related hats, or just different ears or something. For the man bits, while they will have to be roughly the same size as the default, and may have proper shading and texture. Those may be in the form of a beast, a tentacle, normal but with a shape difference, etc. Accessories can take the form of anything from a tail, to armor, back to a simple arm brace or something.

Whatever you feel represents you I aim to add, of course i'm sure there's a ton of shit people might want so i'll ask for patience. But i aim to keep these as uncomplicated as possible in terms of implementation.

So the result of this might look a little weird but for me that's a fine outcome, go nuts, and i will be seeking feedback on what to add very soon. And once things progress more i may provide a means for more direct input beyond the higher tiers of support. But otherwise I may allow people to submit models they do in-fact own the rights to, along with some collaboration stuff.


Male avatar will have more freedom for odd stuff in the customization cause he's more symbolic, i'll add things over time.

I'll have more updates on my mentality of other things going forward soon. Mostly on some new progress on the programming front cause i can actually handle more of that now rather than waiting on proper programmers for everything XD. But i'll explain that later once i get some more things done. I'm hitting a bit of momentum and i just need to keep getting things done.
I still have some lingering issues to deal with though, I know i keep saying that but i'm doing my best to get it all resolved asap.

Thanks for your support!