More Progress News

Hello once again,

Since the last post I've been working on finishing off Nyan's content and getting some other bugs and minor issues addressed. Now that I'm moving on to the development of the Fields content, I realise that my earlier prediction for version 0.4's release date was far too optimistic. Considering the amount of content which I want to get added for 0.4's release, I'm going to have to push the release date back to the end of February.

That being said, I'm going to get some more issues fixed and merge some pull requests over the course of this week, and I'll get another preview update out to you here on SubscribeStar once that's done. I think I should have that ready by this weekend, so I'll make another post with that preview release then.

Sorry that version 0.4 is going to take me so long to get done, but the addition of several Fields encounters, Elis map, next stage of the main quest, and a couple of special Fields locations is going to take me at least a couple of weeks to get added. After the preview release this weekend, I'll make sure to keep you updated with more progress news posts over the course of version 0.4's development.

Thank you all again for your support, and I'll see you again soon!

Update (Sunday evening):

I need a few more days in which to get some bugs and other things finished off, so I'll have the preview update out for you as soon as I've got that done!