Hello to all of you !

Here I am ! I’m Obsydienn, a multidisciplinary artist (Photography, paint, sculpture, illustration, animation, and so on), but with a huge love for comic books. I’m drawing since I had 12 years old.

I’ve done a previous european comic books cursus, and since 2014, I took courses to perfect and enhance my knowledge in drawing.

For more than a year, I fight hard to gave birth from paper to a wonderful saga : Altarion’s Cantos

Why am I on SubscribeStar ?

The world of the BD became merciless. Too much of young talents are neglected for the benefit of "the most productive" or of the "most profitable". Or as one of my friend says "The publisher, it's the guy capable of repacking you in kit at your mother’s house without releasing his ham sandwich ".

But for me, what I want to do is to share my passion without being limited by the profit or the profitability. My project « Altarion’s Cantos » gets off the well known tracks, because of its format (more than 42 pages by album, more than 20 planned albums) or its content. It has no chance to pass with a publisher or with a publishing house, thus if I want to share it, I have to think of the self-publishing.

It's here that YOU come into play. Your help is going to help me « buying time » and dedicate it to Altarion’s Cantos, but it's also allowing me to buy the necessary material to make them (Altarion’s Cantos is realized in traditional techniques for the moment, and not in digital).

What are the rewards for the patrons ?

I offer you rewards at the level of your donations, as an access one week in advance and full access to read online for all Altarion’s Cantos related, and from only 1$!

NSFW : You'll have access to the uncensored version of the Altarion's Cantos (and some side artwork too). This is not only about nudity or sex, but also gore, violence, and so on. These posts will be signaled with the type of NSFW, and you will have to click on them to see the content. This way, if you are inconfortable with some type of things like blood, you won't have to see them. It will look like this :

Warning ! Blood - Gore



Precision on rewards

Choosing between two rewards : When there's the possibility to choose, send me a little message with your choice. This one can be definitive (as "I just want the oracle card each month") or you can change whenever you want.

Your name as a contributor : On each published page, and on the finished product (the downloadable one, and the printed one too).

A collector tarot card from the Altarion's Cantos : It's really a collector's card, only accessible on SubscribeStar, with metalic hot foil and super quality paper.

Give away/super give away participation : Only if the objective « Give away » or "Super give away" is obtained.

Access to book signing with/without Altarion’s Cantos book : Normally, the rule wants that to obtain a signing in stand during a festival or a convention, you buy an album on the spot which you give to the artist to obtain a drawing and a signing. Patrons can obtain this book signing without complying with the purchase on the spot. Either on an album already in your ownership (Reward Branch), or on the support of your choice (Reward Tree). In case you would meet me in Stand before the publication of the Cantos, the reward Branch can have his signing on another support as long as it is on one of my creations (not on a paper sheet or a pizza cardboard).

Portrait for personnal/commercial use : - The portrait can be done in the Altarion's Cantos style, or in comics/chibi style (as "meet the artist"). - The portrait can be posted as a publication on social medias. - Any apparition on the internet (even as an avatar) must contain my artist's name, and a link to my facebook page AND my website. - For personnal use : The portrait can be used as an avatar on social media as long as it's a private account (no facebook page or monetized youtube account for example) with no commercial or professionnal activity related, and as long as there's a 1$ tip each month per portrait. - For commercial use : The portrait can be used on a facebook page, a professionnal account, a monetized youtube account, etc, as long as there's a 5$ tip each month per portrait.