Hypnolab Keyboard and Mouse Beta Test


The time has come to bring the keyboard and mouse version of Hypnolab back!

The beta test is now available for anyone who owns the game on itch.io or subscribers at Cat-Priest or above. Now keep in mind this is a beta test, so if you find any bugs let us know! We're focused on getting everything working as well as possible right now, but there are likely to be some bugs in this one.

Here's the current change-log, from the latest Steam version:

Major changes:
- KBM/Mouse mode
    * Include resolution settings and mouse tutorial.
- Console tutorial
- Microphone commands: Taking into account player's progress.
- Add a mini-quest for the dildo command.

Minor changes:
- The janitor was tired of seeing flying apples around the ceiling, so he left a message...
- ... But that doesn't stop apples from invading the moon.
- Remove cheat functions.

VR Fixes:
- Index: Trigger issue.

Common Fixes:
- Reset save: Not completely reset.
- Save: Retrocomptability with new settings.
- Audio settings: Not completely loaded on start.
- Remote: Can't change channel when displaying item's info.
- Hypno items: Bad time calculation for vfx.
- Spamming different Microphone commands could break the curtain animation.
- Painting/Descartes scene: The painting is in closed status while the quest is over.
- Kady's subtitles visibility.
- Moar minor fixes.

Note that the Keyboard and mouse beta download is non-vr only.