Unfortunately, I'm going to have to delay v.09 for a couple of days.
I got my power restored this morning and sent the uploaded copies to my testers, and it has a ton of problems with bugs.
The bugs are coming from the new social media system I made, as anybody that tested it in the demo knows I had it up and working when it was its own separate entity, however over the weekend when I merged it in with the main game I've had all kinds of problems from Ren'Py errors to random bits of the phone UI showing up just completely randomly in other scenes.
I think some of these errors are from me rushing trying to code everything in over the last two days, especially with the power cuts messing my Sunday up so I'm hopeful I can fix this very quickly.
In the event that it isn't fixed in the next couple of days and before the 28th so everybody gets the chance to download before the end of January, I will pause my billing so you aren't all charged for February without getting the update in January as I promised.
Hopefully, have this sorted ASAP.