Introducing Dealer's Choice

Hello everyone!

Luciana and I are working hard at Sara's content and we can't wait to start showing you previews as things begin to come together. It's progressing very well, but today's post is looking a little further into the future. Let's talk about our update schedule.

Those who have been with us for a while will know we just finished our first full update cycle, consisting of two content expansions and then a new content vote. Throughout the course of this cycle, we've listened to a lot of feedback and, surprisingly, the question we get the most is about the limits of the voting system. What if there is a thing the game needs, but it never gets voted on? How will we ensure the same sort of content doesn't win over and over again?

We're incredibly gratified that our patrons first responses have not been about maximizing their own voting power, but about keeping the game as a whole healthy. Luciana and I have had a lot of conversations about this, and we've decided to change up the way we do our updates to include a new option: the Dealer's Choice.

What's the Dealer's Choice update? Well, to put it simply, it's whatever we need! Dealer's Choice updates will alternate with our new content polls, and will be a free choice selected by Luciana and I. We believe this will do three things. First, it will allow us to pursue the sometimes less sexy but necessary updates like gamification upgrades, rebalances, or other mechanical tweaks. Second, it will help us keep a light thumb on the scale to make sure the content variety remains good for everyone. Finally, if nothing else, it will ensure that ideas we're really chomping at the bit to do arrive quickly, as these updates are often the best.

Here's what the new schedule will look like:

Content Expansion Update Dealer's Choice Update Content Expansion Update (If Required) New Character Vote/Storyline Update

Content Expansions - Content expansion updates add further content to things that already exist within the game. Good examples at the moment include things like finishing character's Romance plotline, adding new random scenes at various Tower locations , or doing more work on existing characters. These also space out the need for new art, which is our greatest expense. However, if the Dealer's choice is an artless or art light update (such as work on the underlying game code) we will instead skip the next second content expansion and go straight to the New Character Vote/Storyline Update.

Dealer's Choice - The new update type. This can encompass anything that Luciana and I agree needs to happen. These can range from full updates, to expansions of different content, to mechanical overhauls. If this update does not require art, we'll skip the next content expansion and go straight to the New Character Vote.

New Character Vote/Storyline Update - The last update of the cycle is the big one. If we're ready to advance the storyline and move into the next act, we'll do so, with all that entails. If we can't (usually because there aren't enough people to get the soul gems you need) then we'll usually add a character. These characters will be put up for vote and the winner will be added to the game!

Before we go, I'd like to talk a bit about gender. Our audience tends to lean towards preferring the female side of the street for their romantic partners, and character population does reflect this. It's okay that we have an uneven ratio toward the content that much of our audience prefers, but we also want to make sure there's a some content for all our lovely fans. So for those out there who love our futa or male characters, rest assured that we see you and will make sure you aren't left out.

We'd love to hear what you all think about these changes. You can comment on this post or reach out to us through the 'Get In Touch' tab found Here.

Happy Hunting!

Cambion and Luciana