I'm almost done with the intro of episode 5, the entire city sequence is rendered, bloody expensive with all those cars and reflections, can't 'component' them because the cars would reflect the HDRI environment, no matter if I switch it to invisible. Got some sounds in as well. They'll now arrive at the clubhouse and after a bit more banter embark on the naughty.
I got a surprise waiting which I'll put up for a vote for supporters but will be optional in the games. Not gonna spoil it, you gotta wait a week :)
Supporters can play or download this dev version on the members only website.

There's 4 episodes available now which play clean full screen on the members only site for registered supporters but can be played on the following links:
Episode 4: CABIN FEVER (April 2019[*]) here.
Episode 3: SUMMONED (Feb 2019) here.
Episode 2: BEST FRIENDS (aka Double the Fun) (Jan 2019)  here.
Episode 1: SUMMER GARDEN (Dec 2018) here
[*] This is the web version. Developed in a stand alone Ren'Py version as well, hence the longer development time.
Stay tuned