Harem Highlander Episode 2 is Released!
Hi everyone!  The day is finally here, and I thank you all so, SO very much for all your patience and support!  Episode 2 is ready to go and is officially released into the wild!  I know you're all itching for the links, so I'll put them next, but there *is* a bit of other info to read after you click while you wait for that download, so please do!
So as you will quickly notice, the user-defined system from EP1 has been removed and replaced with a static system.  I apologize to those of you whom it will negatively affect, but it was causing a lot of confusion amongst players, and also made writing dialogue a minefield, since I couldn't know if Chad and another character were Best friends, Enemies for life, or a Burrito.  So that had to go.  Now, if I've done my job properly, none of your save games should break from this change, and EP1 has also been re-worked to reflect the new direction, so feel free to check that out again should you want to.
This has been a hell of a journey, with all the problems, and ups and downs, but I'm glad to have it out.  I'm going to take a day or two off to relax (and maybe catch up on some VNs myself!), and then I'll be back hard at work on Episode 3!
<3, Eris.