068 - *Boop!* *Boop!*

Hi, guys. Welcome to Monday post #68. In case you didn't notice: I am yet to miss one of these. It's been 68 weeks of posts straight so far. One after freaking another. Can you believe it? 68 weeks... (There is roughly 52 weeks in a year by the way). I think now we got to the point where this whole Monday Post thing can be viewed as completely natural and absolutely ordinary.  "What? Akabur has been making posts for 68 weeks, always on the same day, always at the same time? Exciting... ... ... Now what else is new?".

The work. May as well reset the counter I suppose: it's been 1 weeks since Ep.6 public release. I am full at work at episode 07 already of course. This one will probably take me a bit longer than the previous one did but, rest assured, I continue to obsess over spending as less time on developing an episode as humanly possible. So... Coming Soon*

ITCH.IO As you know last week I put Star Channel on itch.io, and despite the fact that it has only been a week since the game has been up, it's been downloaded almost 2200 times already! That's surprisingly a lot actually. Well, I am surprised at least. And happy ^_^

The question. Since itch.io proved to be such a convenient hosting service what if I release next episode only there (instead of through MEGA and Medifire)? Anyone have any objections to that? I am only talking about the public release here of course. Patrons will still get the links as usual.

That's it. I don't have anything else to report I'm afraid. This was a rather uneventful week for me. Which is a good thing of course, since I managed to get a lot of stuff done. I continue to play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and sort of feel like falling in love with Swicth more and more with every passing day. So weird... Last time I felt that way about a console I think it was my PSP, which was my trusty companion (and only console available to me at the time) for many years.

Anyhow, this is it for this week's Monday post. Thank you for your support guys. Here is another wholesome GIF for you. Good luck surviving this week. See you next Monday, bros.