Tentacle - 触手 A plant type monster endowed with a countless number of slippery tentacles.

Originally tentacles weren't monsters, instead they were grotesque plants known as "tentacle plants" that grow in clusters in the demon realm, but after building up demonic energy while continuing to enviously observe the sight of monsters having sex with humans, they became monsters.

All their bodily fluids function as aphrodisiacs that heighten their prey's arousal and pleasure, and despite being organisms that specialize in providing pleasure and milking spirit energy, they're warm, and have a surprisingly amiable disposition towards people.

When they spot a woman that strikes their fancy, they hesitate to attack due to bashfulness, and many of them can't bring themselves to act. But even so, they will nervously extend their tentacles to obtain the partner that they have longed for. If they acknowledge a human as their spouse and their instinct as a monster fully takes root, they will immerse their beloved in pleasure and drown them in affection. Even when not having sex, in an affectionate, or parasitic way, they seem to always wrap their tentacles around their spouse and try to cling to them.