This game tells you the story of Princess Leana, who's kingdom has fallen and she's trying to rescue her father. But that'll not be easy, not by herself. She needs allies, she need money, she need power. Will she be able to take revenge?


Game takes places in a fantasy world, where Dragon's, Undead's, Naga's and many of other fantasy creatures exists. This is the first chapter of our episodic game, which will take part in a village called Grimshear, in Human Realm. Each chapter, story will take place in a different part of the world. We plan to make this an open world game as much as we can. That might sound hard but, my current game engine is capable of doing everything that any RPG Maker is capable in that aspect, all there is left is adding all those sprite, quest, dialogues etc.. which means time.

Adult Content

Adult content mostly be optional. Main quest line won't have much sex, but side quests and jobs will give you sex as much as you want, which will be first added in v0.3, when Leana reaches the village.

Sound effects/Musics

Designing game and coding it at the same time is hard work enough for me, so sound effect and musics are mostly lacking at the moment. If this succeeds, if people support us, I'd like to hire an sound artists and make this a better game.

Other things worth mentioning

Press "H" to open in-game help menu for more information(Will be added in v0.2). Gamepad support(tested only on Xbox 360 controller).