Ready for 2021? Yes!!!

Goodmorning everyone!
The new year has begun and I hope you are all well. I slept for three nights in the new house with my girlfriend. We cooked together, video-called friends and relatives and then we celebrated and screamed for the new year! To tell the truth, we also tried to get drunk, but in the end, she got drunk and I just had a big headache... man 40 is not the best if you want to drink! But I managed alcohol better than her who has 33 but has a sixteen-year-old body, hahaha!
The new house is almost ready and on Monday 11th I should activate the internet connection. This will mean that I can bring my computer and get back to work to finish Angelica Origins. Yes, this year I would like to finish this first episode. I have almost concluded that I want to switch to ren'py, but I have some little different and new ideas than the many adult games on ren'py. I hope to be able to learn quickly as I always have and above all to be able to create this style that I have in mind. I don't think I've seen it in any adult game, but I don't want to say anything else and I hope I can and that it will be a wonderful surprise for you!

I hope to start a new better year with the amazing Angelica.