Last Stand of Ra Progress Report 5/9/19
It's been a heck of a week so far.  Some good, some bad, all busy.

I set out to write a single new transformation into the game, and a series of fifteen smaller transformation themed scenes.

What I accomplished was far different:  I built a menu into the sidebar to tell people about the different transformations and locations in the game.  I wrote the new transformation into the game that I wanted to do, along with three of the fifteen smaller scenes.  And I wrote the opening portion of the game's second quest.  In my defense, the "small" transformation scenes I've written so far this week have been a bit larger than most of the ones already in the game.

Overall, I got about as much work done as I've set out to do, but I've got a bit less to show for it than I had originally wanted.  

Moving into the next few days:
* Tonight, I hope to get at least a little more writing done, hopefully knock out one or two of those fifteen smaller scenes.
* Tomorrow is going to be busy.  I want to do a little more writing, but it's hard to say how much I'll get done.  Additionally, we have a new Inheritance build coming out late in the day.
* Saturday probably isn't going to see a lot of work.  I'll do my best to take care of any bug reports that might have come in the night before (This build has been pretty heavily tested, not expecting anything serious, but I've been caught flat footed by unexpected problems before.) but I have family obligations that are likely to fill most of my day.
* Sunday will be at least partially open for work.  I'll be tying up any loose ends related to Last Stand that day and prepping for the next week's work.