067 - EPISODE 06. (Public and ANDORID)

Episode 06 was released last. Yeah, that's happened ^^ As alway public release the week after (today), but NOT as always ANDROID release will also be today! Yes I know, that alone just completely changed the world as you knew it! (For those of you who don't know, accrording to the official AKABUR lore ANDROID release is always seven days after the
public release). To some it up, I am releasing both Public version and ANDROID version on the same day! (Thank you XALJIO) While continuing to spread love and positivity. Welcome to the most wholesome and family friendly campaign on the site! Namaste <3

The LINKS. In case you some how don't know this by now, the links are on my twitter. The Public build and ANDROID build (6.02) are identical. Thank you for reporting the typos and a few bugs during this past week. Everything reported has been successfully fixed by our ever capable tech team (me). Thank you for playing my games, Love, Hugs and kisses ^_^ 

Also itch.io I put the game there as well. Look it up. ^^

About Episode 06. So, you seem to have really enjoyed episode 06 (Thank God!!!). To be honest I was really worried during the development and after the release, since Ep.06 is slightly different from the rest, but it was received well, you seem to be happy and that makes me happy.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I found a prostitute in one of the cities. I think she is only there at night. Obviously you can't interact with her. But still, that was such a nice touch. Thank you devs. 60+ hours in and still love this game so much ^_^
4 weeks. Also let me just bring this up again: EP.06 was released 4 weeks after Ep.05, that was a HUGE personal win for me. I really wanted to pull that off and surprise everyone. You have no idea how happy I am to have been able to do just that.
What's next. Well, Epsidoe 07 of course. I'm not saying it well be out in 3 weeks or anything, but my focus on frequent releases remains the same. I am already hard at work on EPISODE 07 and everything is (more or less) on schedule for now.

Somebody asked. So here is (in the post's attachment) a high resolution version of the Ep.06 cover page. I commissioned it almost a year ago I think form Anonymous person and this was the perfect opportunity to use it. I am sharing it here because somebody asked for it in the previous post's comment section.

And I think this is it. Thank you for your support guys. I am so blessed to be able to continue to do what I do and to have all of you to keep nudging me to go on. Episode 07 is coming soon* (Now go tell you mom I said hi.)

The GIF. Well of course! I am sure half of you would just insta-unpledge me if I were to forget to include the wholesome gif of the week. Here it is. Good luck surviving another week, bros! You can do it!


### MEGA ### MIRROR 01 #
WIN: https://mega.nz/#!6dxTkY7T!wx1dL9GliB9_Ttbko9-8wxHi7bodwbA-IBcSbZPWH0U
MAC: https://mega.nz/#!HRphxIpJ!lZZatInPfDZjkXEiespVbAFCwk1ary4c4ICyofI_DK0
LIN: https://mega.nz/#!qB51SK5A!CwuOvs_w2--oTZkRnYBPQJ0uIrVDhDDtw0AB4M6xoSE
APK : https://mega.nz/#!GYpFACiS!NMaA-CZsB6q172VGE4rlHYyEjzdZt246f4l0ypoLHm8


WIN: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1kndl3pxagn5s3h/Star_Channel_34-win.zip/file
MAC: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rj991o4j7xf6rmk/Star_Channel_34-mac.zip/file
LIN: http://www.mediafire.com/file/12i1tmdgl7nefs6/Star_Channel_34-linux.tar.bz2/file
APK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8v4skkr0mmgk43z/Star_Channel_34_ep_VI.apk/file