Hello Hello!

It's our favorite time of the year! No, not the holiday season (though we wish you all the best) -- it's release day! We've got another heaping helping of new content for you, and we're thrilled to let you get your hands on it.

Update 1.6.1 begins our romance plots with all transformed character options (Petra, Xavier, Damien, Jolie, Cassandra, and Samantha) and, as an added bonus, smashes a lot of lingering bugs and issues that have been around for a while. Once again, a special thanks to Goctioni from the TFGameSite Discord who pointed us to a hand made program for debugging Twine files. This should greatly reduce the number of red errors anyone encounters during their run.

Ready to woo and be wooed? Then today is the day!

Please note that 1.6.1 includes new location images, so to play offline you'll need to download both the HTML and the graphics assets!

With 1.6.1 taking wing, what's next for Sinspirational? Well, Luciana and I are going to rest our infernal furnaces for a short while as we enjoy the holiday season. We won't leave you entirely bereft, though. Look forward to a new piece of artwork and a short blurb checking in on how a few of your employees get ready for Christmas that will be available later this week.

After that, with 2021 comes a brand new update. Version 1.7.0 will introduce Sara to the game, a quiet and unassuming card dealer in your casino who might wish to be a little less quiet and unassuming. Fortunately, you're well-equipped to help with that! We'll be posting up more details about Sara, as well as previews of her new artwork, in the weeks to come.

Sara will also mark the end of our first cycle of updates: two content expansion updates and one new content update. We're pretty pleased overall with how the year worked out, but we'll be making some tweaks to the formula for next year that we think you'll all like. Be on the lookout for some details as we get a little closer to Sara's launch.

That's all from us for now. As always, we're incredibly grateful you've opted to take this journey with us, and we hope you'll enjoy the new mechanics that 1.6.0 brings. We look forward to continuing to expand throughout a brand new year.

Happy Hunting!

Cambion and Luciana