Advent Denial Challenge Day 21

And we’re onto the final countdown!
So this is it, you’ve nearly done it! Whether you’ve just been participating a bit, using some of the ideas to enhance your edging, or gone with it all, well done on trying the Advent Denial Challenge.
Of course for those of you who have managed to edge all the way through must go a special commendation. Whether it’s your first time trying this or you’re an old (and damp) hand at denial, you’ve done spectacularly and I’m very proud of you.
Last week I suggested you get hold of a remote controlled vibe. Today’s the day you’re going to use it. You’re going to wear it, all day. Depending on the vibe either inside you against your g-spot, or against your clit, or wherever works.
Your task is to do FIVE edges today, the normal two at the start and end of the day, and then three involving the remote controlled vibrator. Yes it might need some charging in between.
And they’re to be done in a variety of places. Other areas of the house or at work - obviously keep it discrete but keep it exciting too.
Between the edges tease yourself with it and keep it on low for extended periods.
If you haven’t got a remote vibe you can use a toy, or even panties in you. Just something to make you feel sexy and naughty all day. Consider a butt plug in your pussy, they are often easier to wear for extended periods than a longer dildo. 

Advent Denial Challenge Day 22

Help me with Tales from the Edge
There are two tasks today - the first is  just go over all the posts from the denial challenge, and pick any that’s been your favourite (except for ruins) and do it again! If you have several you pick, choose one randomly and do that.
But the second, optional one, is to be one of the first to try out my ‘tales from the edge’ questionnaire. It’s where I’ve built a form to quiz you about your deepest fantasies and to share them with me, and potentially others.
You can give it a go here:

Advent Denial Challenge: Day 23

Giving me feedback
Lots of you have been giving me little bits of feedback each day on the accountability form, but this one is for everyone who’s been involved and tried some of the denial tasks this advent.

I’d love to hear how it’s been for you, what’s been your favourite bits, which tasks have worked best, and how I could improve it in future. 
So your job is to edge and then click the link below (it’ll be updated on Wednesday) and continue to give me feedback as you edge!

Update - the link is now LIVE