+DiD / Feet+ Literally Kidnapped

Just a random doodle, definitely not one of my best works. That's why the lining's not very clean; I just wanted to get it done fast.

Based on "Literally Hitler": http://tiny.cc/jmu65y

Also, full disclosure: I traced the entire head & face to get it as accurate as possible (except for the mouth), so this one's going out for free; I wouldn't feel right selling it.

I'd like to draw this character again sometime.



Includes: Blindfold, sweat, clean, tears, blush, cleave gag, OTM gag, sock gag, tape gag, ball gag.


Character © Joe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4m1l1G3tpb4C1EiljBLI3A

Artwork by Screampunk Arts.


Characters portrayed here are above the age of 18, or are drawn as such to comply with US laws.