About Me
I'm Gokai also know as Su, your friendly neighborhood adult artist. I like a variety of fetishes but expect a lot of vore, femboy, bondage, and rough sex stuff. 

Subscriber Rewards and Perks
This is a tip jar subcribestar, Any rewards are simple and require little work. This is mainly for people who just want to show a little financial support. 

Important Links:

Reward Tier In Depth:

Tip Jar
-Access to Patron only Discord Channel
       -self explanatory, chat, hang out. 
-Access to WiPs
        -I will Post drawings Im working on, and occasional previews of my next sketchpack.

The Cleavage
-Access to projects I'm working on or have been working.
       -There are a lot of projects in the works or in Hiatus I will show updates or maybe just        discuss the ideas with subscribers. 
-Ability to vote on future projects
        -Be it a comic or a sketchpack I will occasionaly throw up a poll for you to vote on. 
-all lower tier rewards

The Panties
-$2 off of commission streams per hour
        -My commissions are currently $20 an hour with this reward tier you can get them for the previous price of $18 an hour.  This is BEST for people who buy 6 or more hours a month, to get the most bang for your buck, anyone getting less then that will be breaking even at best or losing money at worst. 
-All lower Tier Rewards