Advent Denial Challenge - Day 6
Edges and Rewards

As I said yesterday, we're going to use today as our reward day for the week because Sunday seems to suit the most people but if that's not the case for you then you can save the reward for another day that works better.
Also a reminder that I'll post all of the tasks for the next week tomorrow in one go and you can work through them, and also rearrange them to whatever works for you.

Today's task is simple. Edge LOTS!

If possible try to make every edge different somehow. It might be position, location, method, how you're dressed, what you watch or read. Get creative and let it break you out of your usual way of doing things.

You can determine what ‘LOTS’ looks like a few ways.
  1. Decide what works for you and your day
  2. Use it to make up for any edges you missed or failed this week plus the usual three
  3. Leave it to fate! In which case you can use this cute spinner to see what number between one and ten you get.
    Or if you have a smart speaker try asking it!

However you get there, that is the number of edges you need to do today.

The number is yours to set. But if you're wanting someone else to decide, 10 seems like a nice round number.
Combine your performance today with how you've done with your edges through the week and you can decide your reward.

For those of you not wanting to cum until Christmas, it's obviously not going to be an orgasm. It might be a ruin or it might just be a treat! Whatever it is, well done, you've earned it!

For those of you newer to this, I'd go for an orgasm or a ruined orgasm. If you are proud of how well you've done this week then please don't feel any pressure not to have an orgasm. The amazing way orgasms feel after a period of denial is part of the experience I want you to have.
But if you're wanting to see how far you can go, have another ruin, or just torment yourself by leaving your poor pussy aching and denied.
Whichever it is, you have to decide BEFORE you start your final edge. You are NOT allowed to change your mind at the last minute.

If you haven't met today's goal, or your week's goal however, there's got to be a forfeit, right?

Again you can make your own up but my suggested punishment is to sleep stuffed with panties or a dildo in you. No touching until dawn. (Just make sure you’re using something definitely body safe like a good quality toy or you put a condom on it). Sweet dreams.
If the thought of that really arouses you, you could always make it your reward...

Use the feedback form to let me know how you've got on this week, what you managed today and how your reward went!
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