Advent Denial Challenge - Day 5

Before today's task, an update.
So that I'm not spamming your inboxes every day, tomorrow will be the last daily post. And it's going to be a 'Reward Day' where a task is combined with a reward for how you've done this week.

From Monday on I'm going to post the ENTIRE week's worth of tasks. This means it's not getting spammy but also depending what timezone you're in you can know what's coming up the next day. It does get rid of the surprise but without an actual working online calendar this seems sensible. Let me have feedback on that though!

Are you feeling lucky?

Today we’re going to let fate decide how your edges go, with the infamous and new and improved, ‘Wheel of Denial!’

To use this one  you need the free app ‘Decision Roulette’ that you can get on iPhone and Android.
You can download the Wheel of Denial file from this post. For Android devices when you open the app, choose ‘new’ then ‘import’ and pick the file you’ve downloaded.
In iOS devices, you have to download the file and select "Open with" / "Send to" from your downloads folder to send the file to Decision Roulette app (which must be already open).

This is the link to your Wheel of Denial file

You’re able to customise the wheel so if there’s things you can do on it (this one is pretty generic though) then just change them to suit you.
If all that app stuff is too much hassle or isn't working (my testers have had mixed results) here’s a web version:
2020 Wheel of Denial

Here are the rules

Spin the wheel and follow what it tells you until you can’t,  you go over, or you get an END result.
  • You can spin as many times as you want until you land on END. Then you’re no touch until your next edge session that day. No less than an hour gap between them.
  • Unless it says otherwise assume a result is for five minutes.
  • If you want to share how a session went you can click the results button and take a screenshot of all the results that season.
  • Use the wheel again for each edging session during the day

  • Snaps are where you get an elastic band and pull it tight between two fingers, or a thumb and then pull it back and release it onto your skin. Otherwise just use a finger flick.
  • An edge (you must be new here, welcome) is when you masturbate to the edge of an orgasm but don’t allow yourself to go over. If you do go over, ruin it as you learnt on day 2
  • A soft edge is where you masturbate but don’t let yourself get close to orgasm.
  • For porn results use Pornhub, or Tumblr or wherever you go to.
  • For hypno you can start with my selection on Soundcloud or try Vive Hypnosis or some of Ayerlix’s tracks on Soundgasm

Enjoy! Feel free to submit your spin results to my Tumblr and remember you can share how you’re getting on via the Daily Feedback Form and also how the apps worked for you!